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This is the last page Juliana and I, Andrew, created prior to going live with the site!  Other buildings will be added very soon, we will continue to update, and the site will constantly be improving, however, prior to the “go live” this is the final page of coding, picture arrangement, HTML work, CSS, and all the craziness that goes into a site behind the scenes!  This site took us 1.25 years to create from concept to what you see now.  Juliana and I had no idea how to program in HTML, nor did we have any understanding of CSS prior to the concept of this site.  We convinced my former boss, David McComas, to let us experiment on his dime with our first ever real estate web site, www.european-equities.net, prior to gaining enough knowledge to create the site you are using today.  Although both of us are engineers by degree, neither of us had created a site from scratch before, much less one this large.  Thank you for using our creation and we hope you enjoy all the benefits this site has to offer!  The data feeds are outsourced, but require basic programming, a great understanding of the local market, and a lot of patience.  All other 400+ pages were hand written programming and content.  May all who read this know that I am extremely excited to be writing this paragraph!

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