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Andrew Cherry can hire a professional staging company in order to showcase the interior in the absolute best manner possible.  There is an additional cost to this service.  Cost for the interior decorator is determined by the square footage of the decorated space.

Attic, if available

  • Check underside of roof for leaks, stains or dampness
  • Look around chimney for condensation or signs of water
  • Clean and clear ventilation openings if necessary
  • Clean out stored junk

Walls and Ceilings

  • Check condition of paint and wallpaper
  • Repair cracks, holes or damage to plaster or wallboard

Windows and Doors

  • Check for smooth operation
  • Replace broken or cracked panes
  • Repair glazing
  • Check condition of weather stripping and caulking
  • Examine paint
  • Test doorbell or chimes
  • Test security system
  • Wash windows and woodwork, if necessary


  • Inspect for creaking boards, loose or missing tiles, worn areas
  • Check baseboards and moldings
  • Test the staircases for loose handrails, posts or treads


  • Check tile joints, grouting and caulking
  • Remove mildew
  • Repair leaking faucets and shower heads
  • Check the condition of painted or papered walls
  • Test operation of toilet


  • Wash all appliances
  • Clean ventilator or exhaust fan
  • Remove accumulation of grease or dust from tiles, walls and floors


  • Remove clutter
  • Check for signs of dampness, cracked walls or damaged floors
  • Inspect structural beams
  • Check pipes for leaks

Electrical System

  • Check exposed wiring and outlets for signs of wear or damage
  • Repair broken switches and outlets
  • Label each circuit or fuse

Plumbing System

  • Check water pressure when taps in bathroom(s) and kitchen are turned on
  • Look for leaks at faucets and sink traps
  • Clear slow-running or clogged drains
  • Bleed air off radiators if needed, and check for leaking valves

Heating and Cooling Systems

  • Change or clean furnace and air-conditioning filters
  • Have equipment serviced, if needed
  • Clear and clean area around heating and cooling equipment