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Andrew Cherry’s closing assistant or his wife, Juliana, will guide you through this process.  You will need certain paperwork in order to assist the closing team.

Andrew Cherry, his wife Juliana, or a member if his elite team will make you aware if the buyer is having trouble getting a loan based bon the terms specified in the contract.  If he/she is turned down, it could jeopardize the deal, and your house could be put back on the market.  Before closing, make sure all the necessary papers and documents have been gathered and are in the hands of the right parties.  Andrew Cherry’s closing staff will help ensure that this process is very smooth!

  • Parties who should be present  at closing will be informed of any change in the date, time or place.  They should be reminded a week before closing and again the day before.
  • Everyone named on the deed  under which you hold title must sign the new deed by which you grant title.
  • Know when and how you will be paid.   Don’t expect to walk away from the settlement table with a check in hand, as disbursement takes time      and can only happen after the post closing documents have been received.
  • If you are buying another      property, consider having both closings at the same office scheduled back-to-back, so that the timing of the disbursement is not a problem.  The foregoing may be accomplished by signing  a paper authorizing the Title Company or attorney to assign the funds from  sale to purchase.

The papers you may need:

  • A copy of the sales contract and documentation showing that any contingencies have been removed or  satisfied.
  • All documents needed to  complete the transfer of title. This may include certificate of title, deed, correcting affidavits, quitclaim deeds, survey and title insurance policy or binder.
  • Homeowner’s insurance policy.  If the buyer plans to take over the unused portion of your hazard insurance, you’ll need to make arrangements in advance for all paperwork to be completed on time.
  • Proration for ongoing expenses such as insurance premiums, property taxes, accrued interest on assumed loans and utilities (if not shut off between owners).
  • Receipts showing payment of the latest water, electric, and gas bills.

A certificate from your lender indicating the mortgage balance and the date to which interest has been prepaid.

Andrew Cherry’s team is well organized and will assist you with the entire process, including documentation gathering, title, and post closing.