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Andrew Cherry has been advising real estate investors for many years with regard to residential rental properties. Andrew can help guide you in the right direction regarding the many variables that need to be addresses when selecting an appropriate investment property.

Many times, people ignore the association rules, only to learn later that there is a two-year holding requirement prior to renting or that the building does not allow rental periods less than one year or in other cases that the building allows seasonal rentals but only one rental agreement per calendar year.

Knowing the rules, knowing the real rate of return, and having the ability to quickly locate appropriate tenants is just a small piece of what Andrew Cherry brings to the table.


Andrew Cherry, can refer you to attorneys who are able to guide you through the process of creating self-directed investment accounts, thus placing you the investor in the driver’s seat! Investing in brick and mortar offers you, the investor, a physical touchable product that can be sold at almost any time!

Andrew Cherry is certified in self-directed IRA investing. (certification conferred by Entrust)
One of Andrew Cherry’s favorite investment communities is in the Tampa Bay area walking distance from the University of South Florida. Have a child in college and want to begin building their credit while potentially gaining equity? Programs exist that allow full time university students to own property verses rent.

Weather your child is in a university or you simply like the idea of owning in an area where people must live, Andrew has a nifty little slice of Tampa Bay picked out just for that purpose.

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