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Do you think your house is ready to go on the market after painting here and there, shampooing the carpets, and wall repair?  This may not be enough!

Even if you’ve kept your home in mint condition over the years, a little extra thought can mean thousands more in your sales price. It can also mean the difference between a week and a couple of months on the market.

Here are some projects to take care of before your home goes on the market.

  • Deep cleaning of the bathrooms and kitchen, which includes replacing old toilet seats and other worn-out fixtures;
  • Locate and replace rotted  wood; clear overgrowth in the yard;
  • Clean windows and replace  carpeting, if necessary;
  • If a roof is in obvious need of help, such as leaks or visible damage, make necessary repairs.

Postponing roof repair, wood rot, or other necessary repairs may lead to a double loss.  Sellers may see the first loss in the form of a lower sales price and second when a lender requires repairs for closing, even after accepting the lower offer.

Maintaining your home will pay off in the end!  Andrew Cherry recommends that you upgrade your home every two years and maintain your home while you are using it, so that you can enjoy the upgrades and the residual value when you sell.