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  1. Trying to make a shrewd investment.  Focus on finding the best place for you and your family to live rather than trying to predict the real estate market.
  2. Choosing a poor location. Consider what part of town you would like to live in and avoid homes not in the part of town chosen.
  3. Overlooking how the home will function for your family. Consider features that are most important to your family and choose a home that will meet those needs.
  4. Not having the home properly inspected when buying a resale.  Hire a state-
  5. Not doing your homework.  Enter the market well-prepared by researching location, school district, deed restrictions and taxes.
  6. licensed, professional inspector to evaluate the home’s true condition, which could save you thousands of dollars in repairs and maintenance.
  7. Not having the home properly inspected when buying a new home. Research the number of homes sold, homeowner satisfaction, years in business, industry recognition and warranties offered.
  8. Waiting for a better time to buy based on the market and interest rates. History shows that those who purchased homes and kept them for three to five years or more did better than those who didn’t. Waiting is one of the biggest mistakes a home buyer can make.
  9. The biggest home buying mistake is not buying at all.  Buying a home will give you a place to call your own and allow you to take advantage of tax breaks and build equity.

Avoiding common mistakes can make the home buying process simpler and less stressful.